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Mr. B. launched his new website.  New design and added information and features.  Now you can purchase Mr. B.'s folk art online.  Please let us know what you think of this new site.


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Personal Note


Mr. B. here . . . I want to thank you for visiting my website.  And for those of you who have purchased my art, visited a workshop or visited one of the art shows I attend, thank you too.  Without your support I would still do what I do . . . I just would not enjoy it as much.  May God continue to bless and protect you.


 Mr. B. 





Memorial To Linda


On January 3, 2001, Mr. B lost his first wife of 42 years, Linda.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in December of 1996, and had fought bravely and gracefully against this tragic illness.


Please visit her memorial site at www.LindaBeverland.com.



About Mr. B.


About Jack Beverland Better Known As Mr. B.


Jack Beverland, better know as "Mr. B." is a self-taught Southern folk artist who finds peace of mind in his special kind of art. Born into a poor family in 1939, his mother moved him and his older brother to Florida after his father died. Their existence was meager but the experience gave him a strong drive for success. Starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder, his work ethic and resultant long hours of labor placed him at the top of one of America's large chain stores. In 1991 he was forced into retirement after 32 years of loyal employment. Some people look at retirement with eagerness and anticipation. Jack was not one of them. For him it was a shock, and a devastation.

Feeling betrayed and helpless, his emotions turned to anger and rage; but, with the help of his loving family and his own strong will, Mr. B conquered his angry beast within through his art. He portrays in his works the simple life - the life that most of us want to live - the days of our childhood - the dreams we once had and most importantly, the way we would all like it to be.

"I was somebody, and then I was nobody. No one understands the devastation of becoming a nobody. At least in my own mind. I was somebody in my corporate world. I was Mr. B . . . I was proud of myself and all of a sudden I wasn't proud of myself anymore."

Jack Beverland sitting at his work table surrounding by his paintingsMr. B's brother suggested Jack start to paint. His experiments with painting drew the anger and depression from him. At the encouragement of Stephanie Moore, the former director of the VSA Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C., Mr. B spoke at a VSA Arts event. entitled "Artists and Images, In Their Own Words: Sunshine from Darkness," held at the National Museum for the History of Medicine at the Bethesda Medical Center.

"At the time I went to Washington to speak, I was still pretty messed up . . . I wasn't in good shape, I couldn't talk about it. I'd see a flower, and I would just break down and bawl. Couldn't control it."

Mr. B's early pieces were philosophical and a lot of them were angry, many of them focusing on corporate America. Mr. B began painting as a way of expressing those feelings and has done so in a way that is unlike any of the other artists out there. He has a distinct style. His paintings are of simpler times, before the turn of the century (19th century). He uses fabric paint on wood and most pieces often have “glow in the dark” paint somewhere within the landscape. He is always somewhere within the painting. He may be driving the horse and carriage or just in the background. If there are no people in his paintings, look for a possum representing him.

While most other artists begin with a painting and then name it. Mr. B begins with a name and then paints what that name means to him. It may mean one thing to him today but another on a different day. However; he never uses the same title twice.
Mr. B spends most of his time when he is not painting with children, helping them to express themselves within the world of folk art.

Now there is a visible change in Mr. B's emotions, reflected in both the subjects and flavor of his paintings. His current works focuses on bucolic scenes of southern rural life, fantastic utopian animal scenes and biblical scenes like Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden.


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Mrs. B: Today Mr. B finds not only satisfaction in his art, he has been blessed with a wife (Karen) who loves and cares deeply for him. You will see her at Mr. B.'s side everyplace he goes. Her quit gentle style is much in contrast to that of Mr. B. A good Christian woman Karen is a delight to all who know her. You will often find Karen assisting with Mr. B's workshops. The kids love her and the adults adore her.

Karen's own words:

Having a strong belief and faith has sustained us through many hurdles that would have been greater without the similarities and our common Christian beliefs.

 I should say that our meeting even came about because of those mutual traits having met on the the web site ChurchesOfChrist.com.

Those hurdles, I would say, for the most part, happened because of our age at the time of marriage, as we were already set in our own ways, and even our choice of words sometimes brings confusion into our discussions. He calls it one thing and I another.

I must say that neither of us could have chosen better mates for our golden years than we have.

Mr. B's art says it all in that it represents his heart and soul, his goodness, and his longing for peace for everyone.

Go into Mr. B's world and forget your problems and remember your dreams.  He sincerely wants you to join him.


Karen Beverland, Mrs. B


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More Information


Governor's Gallery

Florida Governor Jeb Bush exhibited Mr. B's Art work in the Governor's Gallery.


Artwork & Children

One of Mr. B's profound passions in life is to involve children.  Children with disabilities especially touch Mr. B. Heart.  Children love experiencing the world of art.  And at the end of each workshop; the children, parents, family and care-staff all understand just special each artwork is.  Complete or uncompleted each gives something special.  Each individual artwork brings happiness and a feeling of accomplishment into emotional and/or physical limited young human lives.  Mr. B offers these workshops to public and private organizations without change.  All expense are paid for by Mr. B.



Charity & Education

Mr. B. has participated with his unique style of art in numerous art shows, charity benefits and public school educational projects.


Who's Who

Mr. B. appears in Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.


Mr. B's Unique Artwork

Mr. B. is a self-taught southern regional artist who has developed a unique pointillist style of artwork.  His work combines brushes with small individually squeeze bottles of paint on a hand cut board.


Mr. B's Charity

Please consider donating to Mr. B's workshops for children with limitations, public and private.  We only ask for $10.  And you have this GUARANTEE!  100% of your money goes to purchasing the supplies for a children's workshop.


   *** 100% of your money will be used to buy supplies; paint, cigar boxes, canvas, brushs, glue, and many other creative suppies so that hundreds of children mostly with limitations a couple hours of creating their own "Folk Art".