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Website Launch


Mr. B. launched his new website.  New design and added information and features.  Now you can purchase Mr. B.'s folk art online.  Please let us know what you think of this new site.


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Personal Note


Mr. B. here . . . I want to thank you for visiting my website.  And for those of you who have purchased my art, visited a workshop or visited one of the art shows I attend, thank you too.  Without your support I would still do what I do . . . I just would not enjoy it as much.  May God continue to bless and protect you.


 Mr. B. 





Memorial To Linda


On January 3, 2001, Mr. B lost his first wife of 42 years, Linda.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in December of 1996, and had fought bravely and gracefully against this tragic illness.


Please visit her memorial site at




Faith, Tragedy, Love And A Strong Will



Faith, tragedy, love and the will of survival all have played important rolls for many individuals who have gained success and fame over the centuries.  Fate, in the blink of an eye can transform a seemingly non-descript individual into a historical icon who will forever be a legend.  We have all read about individuals in the world history how a particular tragedy in their life altered their destiny and throw them into the rolls of heroes and legends.  Love is also a constant motivator that has caused others to gain greatness.  The will to survive has always been and will continue to be an enormous force for some to succeed; whether their motives are for good or for evil.  The memory of these unique individuals will last as long as there is a world.


This was particularly true for many aspiring artist throughout the centuries who sought fame and recognition in the world of art.  Wealth and fortune was not the force driving these individuals:  it was the passion to have their art accepted by the world in which they lived.  These artists were forever struggling not only to have their works of art accepted, but struggling with their own inner self doubts, struggling with their own demons whether real or imagined, and struggling to accept their own abilities to achieve and master the goals witch they were demanding of themselves.  Vincent Van Gogh was a prime example of this type of artist.  He was continuously agonized by the negative reviews of his critics while fighting his own destructive demons.  It was the love of his brother Theo that fostered Van Gogh's will to fight on toward a goal that he tragically achieved, but never realized.  As fate would have it his greatness was never accepted until after his death.  Paintings that Van Gogh could not give way during his life time have sold for over $80 million in our generation.


Interesting . . . Keep Van Gogh in mind as you visit other pages in Mr. B's Website.  Mr. B is a humble man who has had many struggles and endured a number of tragedies before he found acceptance and success in his art.  This is the story and website of "Mr. B.; an artist who overcame those tragedies and adversities to finally achieve success in the world of art.



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Artist Shares 

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Did you know . . .


Governor's Gallery

Florida Governor Jeb Bush exhibited Mr. B's Art work in the Governor's Gallery.


Artwork & Children

One of Mr. B's profound passions in life is to involve children.  Children with disabilities especially touch Mr. B. Heart.  Children love experiencing the world of art.  And at the end of each workshop; the children, parents, family and care-staff all understand just special each artwork is.  Complete or uncompleted each gives something special.  Each individual artwork brings happiness and a feeling of accomplishment into emotional and/or physical limited young human lives.  Mr. B offers these workshops to public and private organizations without change.  All expense are paid for by Mr. B.


Charity & Education

Mr. B. has participated with his unique style of art in numerous art shows, charity benefits and public school educational projects.


Who's Who

Mr. B. appears in Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.


Mr. B's Unique Artwork

Mr. B. is a self-taught southern regional artist who has developed a unique pointillist style of artwork.  His work combines brushes with small individually squeeze bottles of paint on a hand cut board.


Mr. B's Charity

Please consider donating to Mr. B's workshops for children with limitations, public and private.  We only ask for $10.  And you have this GUARANTEE!  100% of your money goes to purchasing the supplies for a children's workshop.


   *** 100% of your money will be used to buy supplies; paint, cigar boxes, canvas, brushs, glue, and many other creative suppies so that hundreds of children mostly with limitations a couple hours of creating their own "Folk Art".